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One Platform

Whether you are an experienced trader, or a beginner looking to learn, our custom built platform provides everything you need in one place to streamline your trading and become an effective trader.

Tradingview integration

Trade directly on TradingView. Perform all your chart analysis on our platform with real-time spreads and on chart one click trading.


Copy your trades across your connected accounts. Simply trade your master account through the platform and experience lightning fast execution with simple setup.

all acCounts

Manage your MT5, CTrader, DXTrader, Binance and Bybit accounts in one place. Add your accounts to our dashboard and switch between FX and crypto with ease.

Journal & Analytics

We provide a comprehensive journalling and account analysis dashboard so you can evaluate trades, find patterns in your trading or note down your thoughts.

Automated Risk Management

Our automated risk management system calculates your position size based on your balance and risk appetite. Enter your stop loss and let us do the rest.

Demo Accounts

We provide the ability for traders to test their strategies and build confidence through demo accounts. Select any of our supported brokers and simulate live conditions instantly.


What are the most commonly asked questions we receive?

Can I trade on Curo Labs?

Yes, that is the main purpose of our platform. Our goal was to simplify the current trading services out there while continuing to provide all the features a trader requires to be successful. We support all MT5, CTrader and DXTrade brokers as well as Binance and Bybit futures.

What brokers/exchanges do we support?
  • Bybit Futures
  • Binance Futures
  • MT5
  • CTrader
  • DXTrade
What services do we provide?

We provide everything you need to become a successful trader: Analyse -> Chart -> Trade -> Copy -> Journal

  • Trade Copier with seamless execution
  • TradingView Integration
  • Automated trade and risk management tools
  • Automated account journaling and analytics
Are we a broker?

No, we are not a broker and are not associated with any brokers. We are simply a third party service where you can connect all of your accounts and trade via API keys. We built this for traders and will always be on your side.

trading dashboard

Streamline your trading with our simple trading dashboard.

Cut out of the noise of these complex exchanges and platforms. We have stripped everything back, providing everything you need to be an effective trader without the rest.

The future of trading is with us

Join us as we embark on becoming the next-gen platform in the trading space. Packed with features but presented in a simple way, we believe our service is unmatched in the space. If you are unsure about anything or would like more information then please reach out via Discord and our team will be happy to assist.

get started

Account Analytics

Get in-depth analysis for every account.

Gone are the days of having to manually analyse and journal your trades. With our comprehensive suite of tools, we have automated this process to make it easier for the trader. All you need to do is take advantage of it.

Affordable pricing

curo labs FREE
Curo Labs demo account
TradingView integration
Live data feeds
Automated risk management
Automated trade management
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curo labs essential
Promo Code: CTRADER1
All features in Free
2 active broker accounts instead of 1 (Trade copier included)
Live automated journaling
Live account analysis
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curo labs plus
Promo Code: CTRADER2
All features in Essential
5 active broker accounts instead of 2 (additional free account)
Copy up to 5 accounts
Unlimited archived accounts
Unlimited journaling
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curo labs pro
Promo Code: CTRADER3
All features in Plus
10 active broker accounts instead of 5 (additional free account)
Copy up to 10 accounts
Trade up to 5 demo accounts
Priority support
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Need a larger plan with more than 10 accounts? Contact us.

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